TED Circles #4 - Money matters (Dec 16)

Neoliberalists believe in the efficient, self-adjusting mechanism of the free market. They argue that free market and trade will create economic growth, increase the size of the pie that society as a whole can consume, thus generate more for all even when there is some inequality.

It’s high time we questioned whether this “more-for-all” assumption held true. Traditional economy was bound by national territory, thus supply matched demand locally at equilibrium price level. However, in the age of globalization, capital is global while labor is local. Multinational corporations with tremendous transnational bargaining power can always keep price of labor (wage) low by shifting production to places of cheap labor or automation.

Consequently, in developed countries, job loss to foreign market and automation results in extreme social insecurity and tyranny of the majority which undermine democracy. In developing nation, the poor suffer with subsistence wage, terrible working conditions and environmental degradation. When any disruption, either climate change or automation, hits hard, the working poor are always at the forefront of damage and society is prone to chaos.

  • Is "every-man-for-himself" - the idea that individuals acting rationally in pursuit of their own interests - the driver of our economic prosperity or a selfish, morally corrosive notion based on pseudoscience?
  • What are the cascading impacts that inequality have on our society?
  • Why money matters? How does it affect our human psychology and behaviors?
  • Can we make cooperation competitive?

- 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

- 〒100-0004 東京都千代田区大手町1-1-3 大手センタービル 22階 ロバート・ハーフ オフィス


TEDxOtemachiED 2019は学びについて深い関心のある方々と学習や教育の未来についてディスカッションし、それらのアイディアを世界中のコミュニティに発信する機会を提供いたします。

今年のテーマは「Learning That Matters」です。TEDxOtemachiEDは幅広い分野の学習者、教育者、イノベーターの方々に教育と学びについて講演していただきます。教育ーそれは私達人間社会における最も重要な活動の一つです。生涯学習のための自己学習の方法、カリキュラムや教育方法においてのイノベーション、教育テクノロジー、学習スペースデザイン、サステイナブルな未来を目指す教育等、様々なアイディアを探求します。予測できない変化や危機、またはチャンスなどに面する今、教育と学びの意味を問うことが求められています。




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